Unlocking The Unseen

Addicts of the unseen,
Fueled by dreams,

Led by the heart,
Motivated by hope,

Sparked from the soul,
Empowered by the same unseen.

And what of
This unseen?

A path?

A notion?

From what drug
will we feed?

What hurt?

What failure?

What need,
must be filled
On this unseen journey?

The imagination feeds
The dreams.

Putting in
Motion each
Unseen notion,

Felt from deep within.

An igniting curiosity
Burning brightly.

Illuminating the way ahead,
Setting in place
Each stepping


Forging the way for a
Journey unseen.

Failure is a lesson…

Each blow,

Each setback,

Only strengthening us,

Guiding our way forward,
To happiness,
And a sure success.

A happiness filling the void,

A foretold future
In all aspects,

Feeding each hunger,
Quenching every thirst.

The pen is the key
That unlocks the

Opening an unseen world,

Each thought blooming,
Bursting into life.

Each thought comes pouring out,

Bled from the pen,

To be seen,

consumed by all,

Every soul
In our midst.

And therein lies
The beauty
And glory

Of the written word.

Each emotion,

A brilliant spotlight
Shining forth,

Declaring our way ahead…

Our way ahead
To a destination,
Unbeknownst ,


But now
Exposed by the clarity
Of truly living,

And speaking…


by Jamie Whorton
Co-wrote with Bill at Wcspoetry.com

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