Snow covered tree’s


Photo by Jamie Whorton©


We all started somewhere

I thought it would be a neat idea to post a poem I wrote when I was about 12 or so. Its not great, but the idea is we all started out somewhere.

Looking back at all the misspelled words and content of my poems reminds me of how far I’ve come with my writing.


A Sad Song


Things happen sometimes that can’t be explained,

Some I don’t really understand.

So many innocent people die each day


So many criminals get away.

It seems so unfair,

To the innocent people who are just living their lives.

Some young,

Some old.


Their families are left to grieve their pain away.

Its so sad.

Why does this world have to be that way.

I’m sure everyone’s lost someone in their life


They ask themselves why?

Like this is all just a nightmare,

When they wake up everything will be ok.


After awhile the shock goes away, and reality sinks in.


You know their not coming home again.

All of this is so sad.



Jamie Logeston/Whorton ©

Midnight Rain


Image from Pinterest:


Midnight rain coming down,

Walking the streets with my head held down.

Street lights light the way.

Silent desolation,

Complete isolation,

Silent tear drops fall to the ground.

Let the midnight rain wash away the pain.


Jamie Whorton ©