Will You Ever Win The Fight?

It’s too tough to live,
So hard to try,
It would be easier to die.

Drowning sea’s,
Crashing, rolling,
Tumbling, pushing you down.

Broken dreams,
Never to be reality.
Chasing ghosts’,
Playing haunting re-runs
In your mind.

What started out bent,
Is now broken. And you are
Left chokin’ on the broken
Shards, of memories of yesterday’s

How long will this all last?

Deep down you struggle, and fight
With all your might.

It’s harder to live
Then it is to die,
But still we try.

When the question why is stuck
On a loop, and there is no comfort
To unveil.

You try to find the light
In the darkest night.

You try to numb the pain,
Suspended tear drops fall
Like rain.

Dig down deep within,
Dig down, to find the answers
Hidden in plan sight.

You fight yourself, and
Push away those who care.

Still you struggle,
Still you fight.

Will you ever get it right?

Will you ever win the fight?

-Jamie Whorton ยฉ


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