Trembling pain

The thought of you pulling me backwards to a place so lonely, so lost. The surge I feel emanating from my very core. Knocking me to my knees. Choking on air. The thought of you is more than my soul can bear. After tonight I’m leaving the memory of you in the past. I can’t bear to carry it any longer. Leaving the memory of you, and this trembling pain on the blank page. Then maybe I’ll burn it, shred it, or throw it in a lake. Cleansing away the pain. Opening a door to a new tomorrow without the memory of you, and this trembling pain.

– Jamie Whorton ©

Card’s of mystery

The King of cups smiles down on the lovers walking hand in hand.
While the Fool rides the ever changing winds.
The Emperor, and Empress just shake their heads.
While the Sun shines down on all of them.
Even the Hermit smiles for a moment as he reflects.
The Chariot is waiting to travel the world,
But no one wants to dance with the devil.

– Jamie Whorton ©

Since it’s almost Halloween, here are a few suspense movies involving writer’s

These are my top three favorite suspense movies that revolve around writers. So if you’re into suspense films, you should check these out.

1. In The mouth of madness, Staring Sam Neil

2. Secret window, Staring Johnny Depp

3. Room 1408, staring John Cusack

I’ll throw in a bonus film : The Shining, staring Jack Nicholson based off the classic Stephen King book.