Birds melody

The smell of lilacs, and gardinas flow through the summer breeze. Bees buzz about. Landing on the sweet smelling flowers drinking in their nectar. Above the sky is a periwinkle shade of blue with streaming jet trails stretching wide, and fading from sight. Birds sing a melody. Keeping in tune with one another. Serenading all with their song.


-Jamie Whorton ©

Run fast

Black dog piercing yellow eyes. The crow flys letting out a cry.

Black night nothing, but moon light, lighting a dirt path.

Howls heard,

Heart racing fast.

Heavy foot steps running,

Running, gaining fast.

Out of breath, adrenalin pumping,

Keep running,

Keep running,

Black dog piercing yellow eyes is coming,

And coming fast.



– Jamie Whorton ©

The power of words from the heart of a true poet

Every written word captivating all until the last one is read. Taking the reader on a journey into the lives, and emotions of others. Capturing life’s most precious moments along with the emotional twists, and turns felt by the human soul. Understanding all emotions making them jump from the screen. Mesmerizing all who read. A true poet at soul. Each written word speaking to all who read. Taking them, and using them as their own. Touching the lives of others with the power of words.


– Jamie Whorton ©

The strong one

The strong one fighting not too Shed a tear. Holding back the anxiety. Holding back emotional turmoil. The strong one keeping an eye on the horizon, while deep inside is a threshing sea. Mixing emotions welling up in the throat, only to be swallowed down again, and again. The strong one begging, pleading to be alone to let it all rush to the surface. Letting the emotions flood, pouring tears like rain. Only the strong one knowing what’s behind the steal plated mask.  Worn too protect, and defend.


– Jamie Whorton ©