Grace the land

Winter’s freeze sets in,

Trees stripped of their leaves,

Stand barren against the gray.

Grass lay dormit, hiding away.

Until the warmth of Spring finds its way.

To soothe the icy heart of Winter.

Gracing the land with its warm gentle hand.


– Jamie Whorton ©


Old Glory

Image found on Pinterest

Tattered and torn standing through the test of time. Something that’s yours and mine. Flying high against the sky gently waving in the breeze. For love of country and of man. With honor I stand. Hand over heart. Pride in my soul. A prayer for all who serve, and for those who never came home. From east to west, sewn together in the fabric of Old Glory as one. United together, one and all.

Jamie Whorton ©

The one who cares

Why do the ones who care the most get pushed away? The one Who has no motives , the one who truly cares.. Is discarded, and replaced.

While the one who couldn’t care less, who oozes fakeness and is filled with motives.. Is held with such high regard?

A question I think I’ll never have an answer for.

The only thing it leaves me with is unknowing and pain.


Jamie Whorton ©