I am the darkness

I am the darkness, don’t try to save me, or you’ll become the same.

I am the darkness, walking the city street’s, damp pavement beneath the soles of my shoes. looking for lost souls with nothing left to lose.

I am the darkness, don’t close your eyes. I’ll be waiting inside.

– Jamie Whorton©


I just recently entered my photo Teter’s Barn in a Art contest. The winner gets their artwork displayed on a billboard in L.A.


I entered the billboard contest yesterday evening. I currently need 248 more votes on my image Teter’s Barn, to be in the finals. The contest ends at the end of July. My image Teter’s Barn is a local barn in my area owned by the Teter family. The farm was once a Sod Farm called Misty Valley Sod Farm. I grew up on a farm ” Crooked Creek Stable’s” that nieghbored the Teter’s farm. So if you wish to vote for my image please do so by clicking the link above. I would greatly appreciate all the votes to help my image earn a spot on one of L.A. billboards. Thank you all so much!

Boiling Emotion’s

When I go month’s,day’s, week’s without no release.

The ink dried up, and withered away.

The breeze blew, and the paper took flight into the night.

There was no click-clack of the keyboard.

No blinding backlight searing my sight.

The emotion’s biulding, and keep on building.

Splashing at the surface,




Boiling over.

Until it’s pouring, and spilling.

I just can’t fight the urge to write.

It’s simply not a choice, I have not much say in the matter.


Written by: Jamie Whorton©

While others see weeds, I see wishes

DSCN1603~2DSCN1601~2photo’s by Jamie Whorton ©


I recently posted these Dandy lion photo’s on an amateur photography sight, and one of the comments was ” ok weeds” and I laughed at the comment. Like they were saying big deal weeds. And this sparked the thought “while others see weeds, I see wishes”. The ability to find the beauty in all things no matter how small has a profound impact. Life’s all about perspective.