That moment you realize

An ordinary day,
Filled with ordinary chores.

Cleaning the house,
Washing laundry,
Writing out the bills.

Life keeps moving at its usual pace,

Another new day.

5 O’clock the clock chimes, its time to start preparing dinner.
The smell of the food cooking radiating from the stove top.

Listening to the kids laughing,
Playing in the Living room,
Like kids do.

Going to set the table grabbing plates, forks placing them on the table.

At that moment you realize you grabbed four plates instead of three.

That old habit,
You became so a custom to.

Now, tears fill your eyes,
Looking at the empty seat
At the dinner table.

A seat,

Which was once filled with life,
Now sits empty.

That moment when you realize,
Life has changed,

But it keeps going anyway.

– Jamie Whorton ©


6 thoughts on “That moment you realize

      1. No… you’re quite right. I’ve said it myself that it’s important to write about the balance of life….the good, the bad, the right…the wrong.

        You wrote that piece very well, despite the tough subject matter!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah it is important to keep that balance of all the things life deals us.. But I still feel kinda bad writing about the sad. Like I’m bringing everyone down. lol

        And thank you 😊


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