Springs Thaw

Gray sky December casting shadows all around. The sun hidden behind dense clouds.

The cold settling in,

Autumns beauty faded, turning tones of gray.

Brown leaves scatter across the ground.

Bare trees each branch sharp against the sky.

While the scene may be cold, and harsh,

Dull and, dingy,


Inside is warm, and cheery,

The smell of mulled cider, Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies filling the air.

Making it a great time to curl up in a chair with a hot drink, and a good book.

Being grateful to live in a place with all changing seasons.

Knowing Spring’s thaw is around the corner bringing back the light, and warmth.

Bringing back the beauty, and color.


– Jamie Whorton ©



9 thoughts on “Springs Thaw

      1. Yes! I enjoy thunder storms as well I’ll have to write a piece about it..

        I used to live in an old farmhouse with a wrap around porch and would sit on the porch swing and watch the storms roll in.


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