PawPaw Tunnel along the C&O canal

DSCN1629DSCN1655DSCN1629~2DSCN1625DSCN1626photo’s by Jamie Whorton ©

The PawPaw Tunnel is a Canal tunnel that’s part of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, or (C&O canal). The tunnel began construction in 1836 and was completed in 1850. The canal was used to bypass six miles of horseshoe shaped bends in the Potomac River. It closed down in 1924 when the railway took over as the main transportation of goods. Before the railways they used  mules and barges to transport goods along the C&O canal. Lock keepers lived in Lockhouses along the canal, and would fill and empty locks for the barges to pass through. The C&O Canal is an interesting piece of Western Maryland/West Virginia history.

Fun Fact: The Town of PawPaw West Virginia was named for the PawPaw tree, which grows in the area.

6 thoughts on “PawPaw Tunnel along the C&O canal

    1. Thank you!! It is really interesting. In the city of Cumberland, Md the C&O canal is a big tourist attraction. I guess I’m just used to hearing about it because I grew up in the area. I thought it would be neat to do a piece about it.



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