Drifting Away

Muscles sore from today’s chores.

It’s quite now in the still of the night.

Alone at last.

Bath water running,

The smell of lavender filling the bathroom.

White bubbles forming peaks in the tub.

Steam rises fogging mirrors,

Lit candle’s warm glow reflecting off sea breeze walls.

Sinking down deep in the hot water. Disappearing under mounds of bubbles.

A glass of Moscato in hand.

Troubles of the day now drifting away.


By Jamie Whorton Β©



15 thoughts on “Drifting Away

  1. I could close my eyes and visualize slipping into that bath. It’s a common occurrence here, too. I love long, hot baths with lots of bubbles and candlelight. Though, I have to admit, I have not tried Moscato.

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      1. The Moscato is a grape and there are varieties of the wines from all over the world. The most popular are the Italian, French and Australian. For a while I was really into wines and have tried many, many, many types. I prefer dry to medium wines, unless it’s with dessert, then I prefer something a little sweeter.

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