32 thoughts on “Moon pictures taken with Nikon P900 cool pix optical zoom camera.

    1. Its amazing how far this camera can zoom in. I’m amazed.. Definitely not disappointed at all.

      The first couple pictures I took while the sun was still up, and the others was more around dusk. Can’t wait until a full moon to get the whole face of the moon.

      I was and still am extremely excited. Luckly I had a tripod to steady the camera lol ! 😊

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      1. For the price I couldn’t beat it. I ordered mine from Wal-Mart they had the best prices on them. I would highly recommend it. There’s also a newer version called the Nikon p1000 its supposed to zoom even further but its a little more expensive.

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      1. Yes it is!

        That was one of the major selling points for me to buy this camera. I couldn’t wait to test it out on the moon.

        I’ve also seen YouTube videos where it can view the rings around Saturn. But its fuzzy compared to the moon pictures.

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