All eyes on me

I’ve found myself writing, writing my thoughts for all to read. Opening my world for all to see. Rivers of thoughts flowing free.

Knowing how no one really knows me, viewing me from the outside. No one getting to view the depth of me.

Until now,

I’ve stripped the outer layer, baring my depth for all to see.

I am exposed now,

All eyes on me.


Jamie Whorton ©


9 thoughts on “All eyes on me

    1. Thank you so much !!

      I thought I would write how I feel when I write my poems.. Sometimes writing my deepest thoughts for all to read. Its kind of like baring my soul to the world. Lol !

      And the other part is when I’m not writing I’m a pretty reserved person, quite and laid back. So people are somewhat surprised when they read some of my poems.


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes.. I agree !!

      Frost is a classic.. So many great poems to choose, but my favorite would have to be ‘The Road Not Taken’ .. And of course his other greats like ‘ Mending Wall’ ‘ Stopping by a wood on a snowy eve’


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