Part Of Me

Part of me wants to go out, and explore the world. See the things I’ve never seen before. Travel throughout this land. Sail these oceans. Discover the vastness the world has to offer. From sandy shores to the highest snow capped peaks. To taste the salt of the sea. Breath in the cool crisp mountain air. Gaze across endless skies stretching far and wide. Head down roads I’ve never traveled before. Set foot on ground I’ve never explored. But then there’s a part of me, the part deep within me who knows that this is home. This town and this piece of ground are a part of me. That I have everything I’ll ever need right here in this small chunk of the world. That everything I’m so desperately searching for is here right before me. My family, the ones who are blood, and the ones I have chose. Bonds I’ve made that can not be erased or replaced. The deep roots of this place entangled around my heart. These ridges, creeks, and back roads. The love for those I could never leave. Is all a part of me.

Jamie Whorton Β©

10 thoughts on “Part Of Me

  1. beautifully expressed. I have these very feelings which drew me to your piece, to comment on this. I too love my little life, the places that love all within a 100 km radius of each other. I love Brisbane too but that’s because my daughter and grandchildren live there.

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