Fishing Tree

An old oak growing out of the water near the edge of the creek , its trunk hollowed. Thick roots extending down into the layers of sediment below. Catfish swim in, and around the roots. The oak splits in two forming a U-shape. The perfect spot to sit and fish, or just to watch the swimming fish. Streaming sunlight shines down through the water. The musty damp clings on the warm breeze. Sitting in the fishing tree, holding my fishing pole. Line cast, bobber floating. patiently waiting.

– Jamie Whorton Β©

11 thoughts on “Fishing Tree

    1. Thanks !! 😊

      This is a real tree.. Its been years since I’ve been there, but my dad and I used to go fishing on Satudays when I was young. And I would sit in that tree watching the catfish.. I thought the Catfish were pretty awesome!!
      But that’s one of the few memories I have with my dad..


      1. Yes! So true !!

        Its probably pretty neat to go back through and view past writings. Seeing how they change as we keep writing. Especially for you since you been at this for over a year now.


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      2. That’s a really good point! And you know, I have gone back to look at my original posts. I can see my original “voice,” in those words, but the verse seemed much more shallow and ill-conceived.

        Maybe I’ve learned something along the way.



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      3. I’m sure that you have.. 😊

        I know I have compared to how and what I used to write.. I still have a lot to learn but that’s the fun part.. The way I see it we can only progress as we keep writing.

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