Skating on the frozen pond

In the colder Winter months there’s a pond of substantial size, which freezes over. We always make a small hole through the ice to measure its thickness. The ice usually measures between 8 to 12 inches in these particularly cold months. Strong enough for ice skating. The landscape around the pond is hilly, and there are many trees along the one side of the pond. Which leads into a heavily, dense wooded area. The sun shines brightly from behind the clouds reflecting on the snow covered ground. Making the snow sparkle, and glisten. We use shovels, and big flat head brooms to remove all the snow from the surface of the pond to make it ready for ice skating. Sometimes we use the flat head brooms as hockey sticks, and an old snuff (Skoal) can as a puck. Just goofing around, and having fun. Pretending to play Hockey with our improvised sports gear. Other times we have family get togethers at this frozen wonderland, and bring thermoses full of hot cocoa, and marshmallows to top. All the children especially love this time of year. We all skate around the pond. Sometimes fluffy white snowflakes slowly, gently fall from the sky collecting on our coats, and hats. This is one of the most enjoyable pastimes of Winter.

– Jamie Whorton ©


9 thoughts on “Skating on the frozen pond

      1. Aw! Thank you so much. That means a lot..

        I’m still surprised that my writing can transport the reader to the scene.

        Some of it is a little true there was a few winters when I was little where we could skate on our pond.. 😊

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      2. And from those memories comes your ability to paint that picture.

        I feel like when I really have good words…they evolve from something I have a personal connection with (good or bad). And perhaps it’s that reality that the reader detects and accepts.

        Just my two cents…

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      3. I think you are exactly right..

        I read somewhere that all great writing has to have some experience and some truth behind it.. Its really hard to get the same effect from just ( making it up).
        Although embellishing always makes a great story even better.

        I guess that’s why a lot of authors study their subject matter before writing their stories. 😊

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