Sunrise sky

A twilight sky dawning a new day. Soon hues of red, orange, and pink will fill the sky. Looking like an oil painting stretching wide. The natural art boldly emanating for all to see. Watching the sky’s transforming beauty, in the quite of morning. A truly peaceful calm. The air is sweet, and cool each breath refreshing. Sitting here in the morning sun contemplating all my yesterdays, and all my tomorrows.soaking in the aureate sunrays. Sipping on a fresh brewed cup of coffee. There’s no better way to start a day.

– Jamie Whorton Β©


17 thoughts on “Sunrise sky

    1. I know! I love it !! There’s nothing like a great sunrise or sunset .. And it wouldn’t be morning without that cup of coffee. lol!

      I think I could incorporate coffee into everything I write. (Like I was jogging up a mountain drinking coffee ) or something ridiculous like that.. I love a nice cup of coffee that’s for sure!!! 😁

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      1. Sigh…


        You’re regrettably beginning to understand my perspective of life.


        I’m not ashamed to admit that….

        Natural wonder,

        The grace of this beautiful world
        in which we live,

        Strong, hot, rich black coffee…

        Exceptional food and wine pairings…

        Aged bourbon,
        Neat, or with one ice cube…

        And the clarity and intimacy of the written word…

        Are miracles in my life.

        Simple as that may be.


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      2. Well, it just seems to me we have a great deal in common.. 😊

        As for food I’m a food lover!! all different kinds..
        Everyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with food, coffee.. And the natural world is the best..
        I’m just like the simple things in life.
        Lol! I’m a Taurus … Lol I hear they’re food obsessed it must be true!! πŸ˜„

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