Waterfall Paradise

There is a mystical place, a large opening behind a waterfall. I make my way behind the rushing water, to stand in the hollow indentation formed deep within the earth. I feel the misty spray of the water on my face, and see it trickling down the sides of the walls. I close my eyes and focus on the burbling of the water rushing down splashing off the surrounding rocks. Forming a pool of blue water. I then climb back down to go for a swim in the blue pool. Standing under the free flowing refreshing water. The sun is brightly shining reflecting on the surface of the water. Luscious green growth surrounds the waterfall making it a paradise.



– Jamie Whorton Β©

31 thoughts on “Waterfall Paradise

      1. Thanks! But thats how I write about things I’ve never experienced.. I have too study it a little, and try to get a feel for how the experience would actually be.

        Like I said in another post its weird how I came into writing by writing song poetry and it was sad teen stuff lol .. So its real weird I went from that to what I write about today..

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      2. Lol I’m not sure if you got this? Think I sent it to the wrong thing .. Oops!! 😊

        Addicts of the unseen, fueled by dreams, led by the heart, motivated by hope, sparked from the soul, empowered by the same unseen..


      3. If you would like to write some then I can try to pick up where you left off ? Or if you want I can write more and you can finish it ? Completely up to you.. Either way I’m fine with it.. 😊


      4. Ok… I’ll pick up where you left off.

        Unfortunately… time for me to go to bed since I get up at 415am.

        I’ll have a go at it tomorrow when I get home.

        Can’t wait!!

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      5. Ok sounds great !! Can’t wait to read your part!! Good night.. 😊!

        Maybe over the weekend we can write another one if time for both of us will be more flexible ..


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