August Night

Lying on my back gazing up at the night sky. Tracing the stars with one finger. Playing connect the dots, forming constellations. A flaming streak shoots across the sky. A meter shower in mid August. The moon is new. The night is black. Sequin silver pin holes, flicker, flashing, twinkle, dazzle. Bright beacons reaching out to all who gaze up at the night sky, such as I .Β  With each streaking star, and each shimmer. A dream is sparked igniting hope filled hearts.




Jamie Whorton Β©


17 thoughts on “August Night

      1. I’ve got to tell you…that my most favored Friday night in the fall, and winter, is just to start my fire pit…pour a bourbon, write some poetry, and watch the majesty of the heavens expose themselves in front of the fire.. it’s just right.

        Nothing more beautiful.

        Nothing more perfect.


        I’m just sayin’.

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      2. Sounds like a great evening!!

        We do the same here, only we have a bunch of miller lite drinkers lol! I like wine.. there’s a winery in Gettysburg that makes the best black berry wine called black magic.. It perfect.. The winery is Called Adams county winery they have all kinds of great wine.. But I love bon fires and Fall nights !! 😊

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