Watching the dancing flames

Gathering twigs scattered throughout the yard, to light a fire, the first of the year.  Dead wood that lay, not going to waste, or turn to peat, resuming to earth yet again. No, I’ll take these logs instead, and put them to good use. Fueling the flame, and warming my home. As I take the twigs placing them in the fireplace. Along with a few small logs. Lighting the match, smelling the smoke as it raises up through the chimney. Feeling the radiant warmth of the flame, as it flickers, and dances a blaze. I think I’ll sit here a while, and watch the dancing flame. As it casts a flickering shadow on the wall, and floor.


– Jamie Whorton ©


12 thoughts on “Watching the dancing flames

  1. You’ve totally got me in that picture….just lovely!

    One of my favorite things to do in the fall, is build a fire in my fire pit, watch the sun set, and the heavens bloom.

    Thanks for writing this piece…it took me to that favorite place.

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    1. Thank you so much!!

      Its one of my most favorite things as well.. I have a close friend who owns a couple hundred acre farm after we get done fourwheeling, we all gather at his hunting cabin and sit around the fire or we have a bon fire outside.. Riding fourwheelers and bon fires are the best!! 😊

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      1. I swear my few passions in life are writing, riding fourwheelers/ side by sides, and nights just hanging out around a bon fire.. Especially in the Fall but really anytime..
        😊 !


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