First snow

Waking to the sight of the first snow glistening as it blankets the ground. Everything draped in the pure white of the snow. No step trodden yet. The fluffy snowflakes floating each their own. Landing in unison to form layer upon layer. Inch upon inch. Feet upon feet. Until the entire scene beyond the front door is a crisp, clean, wondrous sight. A cardinal flys landing on a snow covered branch. The red of the cardinal so vibrant against the white of the snow. A hot cup of coffee in hand. Looking out the window, taking in the first snow.


– Jamie Whorton Β©

10 thoughts on “First snow

      1. I’ve got to tell you that my home office overlooks the backyard, gardens…and the brilliance of the cardinal never fails to grab my attention. And I’m glad for the java connection!! Nothing against tea…of course!


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      2. Sounds beautiful! And yes the cardinals are captivating especially against the snow.. Oh how I love coffee, I could drink it all day long!! I also enjoy tea occasionally, but coffees where its at. lol! 😊

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