Time is the greatest treasure

I would rather have time than gold, or silver.

I would rather have time, and stow it away.

Time is the only luxury my humble, human soul needs.

Once its gone,

Its gone, no matter the wealth, you can’t buy time back.

Time is a shooting star in the night sky.

A fleeting glimpse.

Oh, how I wish, I could store it in a box, And save it for a rainy day.

If hundred dollar bills were the years, And gold coins the days,

I would stow them away on a shelf, so I’d never run out.

Keep an hourglass with endless sand. Never to worry about flipping it over again.

Time is the greatest treasure.


– Jamie Whorton ©

8 thoughts on “Time is the greatest treasure

    1. Thanks !!

      I often wonder what it would be like to have an endless amount of time.. Imagine all the knowledge you could acquire, or places you could explore..

      Another one of my random thoughts lol!!


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