I don’t know if there’s any Door’s fans out there? But I always thought Jim Morrison was one heck of a poet! I think a lot of the bands from the 60’s and 70’s had something you can’t find today in music. I’m almost 30, but I love classic rock!!
My love of music is actually how I started writing. When I was a teenager, I would write lyrics for songs because I wanted to be in a band. I messed around trying to learn how to play gutair, but lets just say I’m a better writer than a musician. So that’s how my love of writing began.


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      1. Indeed they are. Sometimes I listen to a song and wonder how is this possible to be a poet with all those fleshy instruments and then suddenly some words would catch you attention leaving you dumbfound.

        The sad reality is that the Great poets like John Keats were also not recognized in their times. So we have to accept it with a pinch of salt.

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