One day it came to my door without a knock. Without a ring of the doorbell. It came upon me without warning, and before I knew it it had gone. Only to come back every so often throughout my life. Sometimes it brought me joy. Other times sadness, but it always came in the same way. Its the only constant we all must face. From season to season. From solstice to solstice. It isn’t a friend nor an enemy, it just is. I try to hold on to the moments, but they always slip through my grasp. As I watch the years pass, my hair has turned grey. And I have grown wise, so change comes as no surprise.

– Jamie Whorton©


12 thoughts on “Change

      1. Aren’t they for all of us…. 🙂

        But what really comes through in your writing is a genuine, rich, depth. I strive to find that as it comes from deep within. Sometimes it works for me…sometimes it doesn’t. But at the end of the day, I enjoy the journey that writing lays out before my sight line. I sense that in you…

        And hence,

        Keep doing what you do and follow your heart. Therein lies the just and perfect end to the journey. Yes?

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