Danced among stars


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With hope they dreamed, and danced among stars.


– Jamie Whorton ©


Silent snowfall

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Snow falls in the quite of night.

Blanketing the ground,

And sitting atop street lamps.

The warm amber glow of the street lamps reflecting off the fallen snow.

Tracks line the cobblestone streets from horse drawn carriages.

The silent snow flakes gently drifting to the ground,

Mute of sound.


Jamie Whorton ©

Failure is the lesson to perfecting success

Failure is a lesson which builds strength.

And makes one wiser,


And more resilient.

Standing bearing the blows, and always raising up again and again.

Like the oak who bends from the force of the wind.

Its roots keep it firmly grounded,

even though they are tiny they cling to the earth with great strength. Keeping the oak from toppling over.

With each storm that blows the oak remains standing tall.


Jamie Whorton ©


The fog was thick and dense, the white haze enveloped everything in its path. The air cold and damp, with every breath he could smell the damp earth hanging heavy in the thick fog filled air. He sat there waiting for what seemed to be an eternity. Waiting for the white haze to dissipate, so he could be on his way. The plane had gone down two days before, he was bruised and sore, but not badly injured. The small Bush plane had malfunctioned and the engine stalled. So he had to make a crash landing. The small plane came in hard and slid to a halting stop. He had been extremely lucky and thankful to be alive. Now he was just trying to make it back to civilization. He was in the mountains of Washington state. The fog was now finally clearing. He stood up from the stump where he was sitting, and started walking through the woods. He had seen all those survival shows on t.v. and how they always said to keep moving if you were ever stranded in the woods. He remembered the episode where Bear Grills was stranded and drank his own urine. He thought I’ll be damned if I’m going to drink my own piss! He carried a canteen which had a small amount of water in it, and a flask of Jack. As he walked he came to a clearing. There in the clearing sat a small cabin. Smoke was coming from the chimney. He was so relieved to see the cabin in the clearing. Adrenalin coursed through his entire body. Finally he thought, I’ve finally made it.


Jamie Whorton ©