Yesterday’s Grey

Yesterday the sun slid behind a cloud, and the rain came pouring down.

Yesterday I hid away, and waited for a sunny day.

Yesterday’s grey is soon to fade away, to tomorrow’s vibrant rays lighting the way.


By Jamie Whorton ©


Drifting Away

Muscles sore from today’s chores.

It’s quite now in the still of the night.

Alone at last.

Bath water running,

The smell of lavender filling the bathroom.

White bubbles forming peaks in the tub.

Steam rises fogging mirrors,

Lit candle’s warm glow reflecting off sea breeze walls.

Sinking down deep in the hot water. Disappearing under mounds of bubbles.

A glass of Moscato in hand.

Troubles of the day now drifting away.


By Jamie Whorton ©


Well Read

A book shipped from Dorchester county, the pages yellowed with age. The cover tattered. Of Mice and Men the title read. Now it’s sitting on my kitchen table. I wonder how many hands its passed through. One things for certain, its been well read.


By Jamie Whorton ©

Strawberry Patch

Grab a pail, and walk up the hill. Follow the path to the strawberry patch. Open the garden gate, remember to shut it tight to keep the turtles, and rabbits at bay. There you will find row upon row of green leafy plants bearing plump red strawberries. Kneel down, put the pail on the ground, and begin picking berries. Pick one for the pail, and eat one fresh from the garden. Pick one for the pail, and eat another fresh from the garden. Once the pail is full remember to lock the garden gate to keep the critters away. Walk down the worn path back to the house, into the kitchen to bake the berries into a strawberry rhubarb coffee cake. Later in the evening after the labor has been done. Enjoy a cup of hot tea, and a slice of strawberry rhubarb coffee cake.


By Jamie Whorton ©