Strawberry Patch

Grab a pail, and walk up the hill. Follow the path to the strawberry patch. Open the garden gate, remember to shut it tight to keep the turtles, and rabbits at bay. There you will find row upon row of green leafy plants bearing plump red strawberries. Kneel down, put the pail on the ground, and begin picking berries. Pick one for the pail, and eat one fresh from the garden. Pick one for the pail, and eat another fresh from the garden. Once the pail is full remember to lock the garden gate to keep the critters away. Walk down the worn path back to the house, into the kitchen to bake the berries into a strawberry rhubarb coffee cake. Later in the evening after the labor has been done. Enjoy a cup of hot tea, and a slice of strawberry rhubarb coffee cake.


By Jamie Whorton Β©

18 thoughts on “Strawberry Patch

  1. Sounds divinely delicious. I pick many berries from my personal garden in ;ate summer and they include strawberries, partridgeberries (native to Newfoundland, sorry), blueberries and blackberries. I can so relate to what you’ve written, including the one for one πŸ™‚

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      1. πŸ™‚ I know what you mean. My mom didn’t want me to go berry picking with her because I would eat the ones she placed in her container πŸ™‚ I keep my freezer filled all winter and keep lots of jam on hand. I do prefer them fresh, though. The partridgeberry is more tart than the cranberry so if you like tartness, then yes, you are missing out πŸ™‚

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      2. Well that’s the best part of berry picking.😊Yes, we do a lot of canning and also freeze berries too. They great to have on hand.
        I do like Cranberries, so I’d probably like those too. 😊

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      3. Yes, it is. I guess it’s essential for those of us who live in areas touched (some more than others) by winter. Oh, you’d definitely like them πŸ™‚

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