Simple scene of nature’s beauty

Weeping willows line the creek bank, their long branches out stretched over the water. Flowing strands hang down almost touching, reflecting back a ripply image.  Water Striders skip, while fish create mini echoes then swim away. A deer stands on the bank drinking the cool water. Down stream the babbling water splashes over the smooth creek stone. The sun shines down creating a hazy fog raising from the stream, and surrounding dew covered grass. The smell of the water, and damp earth hangs in the air. Just a simple scene of nature’s beauty.


– Jamie Whorton ©

24 thoughts on “Simple scene of nature’s beauty

      1. You are kindly welcome. I enjoy your work immensely. Am trying to like this piece but I have read so many this evening that WP has cut me off for now 🙂

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      1. Wonderful Jamie!!

        Thank you!!

        Let me know if you want to collaborate at some point.

        Either you with my verse…or yours with me. As I mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Mary Oliver…and since I know you’ve acquired a similar fanaticism,


        I would love to join your efforts in capturing the natural world!!

        Whatever makes you most comfortable.

        Just let me know.



      2. Ok great !! We can help each other out. My e-mail is if you ever have any questions about nature writing, you can email me and I’ll do my best to help you out.

        You can help me build my vocabulary. I’ve been learning all kinds of new words reading your work. Plus I like the persuasive writing technique/ style you use.

        I am truly honored..

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